Collectiv: Max Marshall

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Artist Feature:

Max Marshall

 Name: Max Marshall

Zodiac: Cancer

Artistry :Everything creative, have never had a 9-5 (aka designer, songstress and more)

Fave drink: Aged Bourbon

Favorite travel destination :Santorini Greece is heaven on Earth

What inspires you: Force fields, aura's, and vibes that beat through any and every organism or particle on this earth. I take inspiration from everything in my sight. 

Current project that you're working on: Second EP (following 'Forgive Me')

Youtube: MaxMarshallMusic

IG: @maxmarshallmusic

Collectiv: Ade Samuel


Name: Ade Samuel

Nickname: Toks

Career: Designer / Stylist

Zodiac: Virgo 

Who closet would you want to live in: Rihanna 

If you had a million dollars: Open my retail boutique 

Current client or project: Styling Big Sean and other clients or working on my shoe collection. 


Ig: adesamuel