Collectiv: Ade Samuel


Name: Ade Samuel

Nickname: Toks

Career: Designer / Stylist

Zodiac: Virgo 

Who closet would you want to live in: Rihanna 

If you had a million dollars: Open my retail boutique 

Current client or project: Styling Big Sean and other clients or working on my shoe collection. 


Ig: adesamuel 


Collectiv: Raw Emotions

It was a cold winter day.....cliche start right. Ha! I remember coming into the studio with my creative partner. We were there to record a total different project, than the final outcome. However, as I walked to the studio , I masked tears. Why was I crying....I had no idea. I had health and vision...what more could I ask for. We are unique beings. We are strong. We are resilient. We continue to fight. While in battle, we take our scars, heal, and never really look back. But that day my battle wounds came to light. Every scar from every buried pain. At the time I was dealing with a lot on my plate, aren't we all. My mom's health was declining, I ended and began several new relationships and I was venturing in unknown territory to chase my dreams. I felt vulnerable.

So when I walked into the studio, I scrapped the original project. I stripped down. My partner believed I was crazy, but he supported my vision. I said record. Just record me in all my naturalness, in all my rawness, with all my emotions. In many clips, tears seeped through my lids. This was real. This was my project: Raw Emotions. 


Raw Emotion 

And at one moment
the universe opened
and all of your raw emotions
poured out
your eyes bled your heart
your viens pumped tears of unsolved misery
is this real
what I feel
Souls that once synced
no longer exist
finger tips once gave our bodies bliss
but then the walls crashed down
and exposed the true world
and you were left

-Poem written by: Dane Browne

Creative direction by Dane Browne
Recorded and co-directed by Val Vincent
Edited by Dane Browne

Young Collectiv: Kid Khano

 Name: KidKahno

What do you do you want to be when you grow up:  I want to be an Artist/ Superhero

At Such a young age, how did you find your calling as an artist: I am always told to draw my thoughts. One day I asked if I could wear my thoughts. Now, I see all kinds of people, of all ages, wearing what came out of my own mind... Sooooooo cool!

Zodiac: Aries

What inspires you: Nature inspires me to think. I like to look at the clouds as they move in the sky. You can create a story out of thin air. 

One wish: I wish I could Fly!

Instagram : @youngcrownholders
Facebook: @youngcrownholders

Collectiv: The Revolution Through Art

Name: NIC Kay

Title: Artist / Performer / Activist 

Zodiac: Gemini (Cancer cusp) 

What inspires you?:  I am inspired by the resilience of Black trans and cis women and femmes in my life. Who despite the worlds efforts to blow out there fire, continue to be lit. 

Form of art: I live for movement and dance. 

 Current client or project: lil BLK

IG: okaynickay

TW: okaynickay

FB: okaynickay




Collectiv: Jason Mullings

Name: Jason Mullings

Nickname: I go by LeMonde (It translates to the world in French)

Career: I am an Artist (visual arts, painting)

Zodiac: I am an Aries but I don't believe some interstellar force controls my destiny.

What inspires your art:  Music (especially jazz) is a huge inspiration. The way it speaks to my soul without many words and inspires both movement and emotion.

I'd travel the world in search of organic inspiration and make art that reflects it.

Current project: "The Return of the 5000 Lb. man" in which I chase the beautiful sounds of Roland Kirk with my playful use of color and abstract designs




Collectiv: Joanna Coker

Name: Joanna Oyin Coker

Nickname: Jo or Jojo

Career: Communications Coordinator at City of Lawrenceville

Zodiac: Taurus! The BULL!

Fav Quote:  "I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me." - Tracee Ellis Ross

If you could be queen for a day: If I could be queen for a day, I'd give my mom everything she desired so she could also feel like a queen for that day

Current project: Working in communications/public relations for City government, the City/community is my client every day. I recently launched our #LoveLawrenceville social media campaign which is designed to encourage discussion about the City of Lawrenceville's great history and wonderful amenities while we learn from the community how we can continue to make Lawrenceville so lovable. As a public relations professional for a government entity, people often think that I lack opportunity for creativity. This is completely untrue as I work for a progressive City that is continuing to grow because of an understanding of the importance of modern day marketing and pr techniques. 


Twitter: @Joanna_Coker

Instagram: @JoannacokerPR

Collectiv: Starr Oge


 Name :

Starr. In case you were wondering its short for Starlinas and was created by my mother after being inspired by one of her favorite childhood authors. Last name Oge, pronounced O-J with the Haitian/French accent and O-G in english. 

 Art or creative outlet :

 Founder of SCOGÉ. Everything that is me and will be me can be achieved through this brand. It’s my creative umbrella so to speak, but primarily Apparel, Category - undefined from my perspective.

I know that you are a dancer , what is your most memorable performance: 

That’s crazy, lol. Dance is becoming my hidden talent since I’m very careful now of what i’d like to be known for; and dance is so powerful especially if you’re any good that it can easily overshadow any other skills you posses in my opinion. But my most memorable performance was a music video by Laza Morgan that I was a part of for the movie Step-Up 3 . This was when my pursuit of a commercial dance career was in full swing, but the desire to develop SCOGÉ was much stronger.

Zodiac : 

LEO! I bounce between the intro/extroverted personality traits of a Leo.


What inspires you :

 Sensual Realizations. When two or more senses are activated on a higher level, I love that. So any experience that allows me to achieve this feeling. Whether it be a great movie, great music that blends perfectly with how i’m navigating through a scene, or dope conversation in a dope atmosphere. As soon as I realize how amazing a moment is - it instantly begins to inspire and influence whatever i’m working on at the moment. 

 One wish :

I wish to own a Mega-SkyScrapper. I’m talking about an entire building taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I say this because if I have that it would mean that just about every original SCOGÉ goal has been accomplished and me and my company will be pursing new goals beyond the scope of consumerism. 


Current client or project :

Currently we’re switching between our upcoming thank you event for all of the people who have helped us develop SCOGÉ, ‘FUSION’: a contemporary art exhibition in Ishikawa Japan and securing seed investment to operate at full capacity. All of these projects I’m happy to not even consider work. 


 Instagram: @Starr_Oge

 Brand IG: @SCOGE.

SCOGÉ site at


Collectiv: Nicole Ballantine

Name: Nicole Ballantine

Nickname: Cole/ slayycole

Job/career: (or destined career goal) Travel Blogger/ Founder & Creative  for Latitude + Avenue

Zodiac: Taurus

Fav place you traveled: Guadeloupe! It's so beautiful!

 One wish: My one wish is to be successful enough to have the influence to bring a positive change as well as inspire other young women to chase their dream and lead full lives! 

Current client or project: Currently working with the  ATeamTalkshow as their June guest blogger!



Instagram: @latitudeandavenue @slayycole

Twitter: @latitudeandave @slayycole 

Facebook Page: Latitude + Avenue and


Creative Spotlight: Sandra Photography

Creative Spotlight: Sandra Photography
For today’s creative spotlight, we got to interview Alexandra Szebenyik.

Alexandra Szebenyik, Tatabanya-Hungary

DB: How old were you when you first started shooting photography
AS: I was 16 when I started photographing. First I photographed my friends, myself and realized that this is what I really love to do. I always wanted to work in the fashion industry, just needed to find my way there :)

DB:Is there a vast difference In shooting in America versus your home country
AS: YES. It is a big difference shooting in the USA vs. Hungary. People here are more fashion forward, more open. 90% of the time shooting here in the USA I’ve had very good experiences. In Hungary it’s much harder to get into the industry, since it’s very small and they are very strict and narrow minded about it.

DB: Who are some of your favorite photographers
AS: I really love and enjoy Tim Walkers work. He is such an inspirational character for me.

DB: What inspires your shooting technique
AS:The shooting technique could be different each time. Depending on the theme of the shoot. But I really love natural light and play with it, but I also love to create “mysterious” light techniques that makes think a lot about the image.

DB: Which magazine would you want to see your work in
AS:I would love to see my work in VOGUE and Vanity Fair. That is my big time dream.

DB: What is your favorite camera to shoot with
AS: I love Canon 7D and 5D, but I think the lenses are almost more important than the actual body. Also a Hasselblad camera is very phenomenal.

DB: How do you tackle fashion week shows and the chaotic schedule
AS: I love Fashion Week! Although people say how fake is the whole thing- which has some truth in it.. but there is a lot of magic happening there. I am always amazed by the models when they walk down the runway in those beautiful outfits. I do shoot during fashion week- mostly collaborations with brands and fashion bloggers. It is a very demanding time- and have to be very organized to make your schedule around the shows and be able to do some work as well.

DB: Do you prefer European editorials over American editorials
AS: Definitely European. I love all the locations (specially Paris and all the countries around it) and they are just so delicate.

DB: What established model would you dream of shooting
AS: There is a lot of models I would love to shoot. Coca Rocha one of my favorite- she can do like a million poses and she is never boring!

DB: Where do you see yourself in five years
AS: I would love to develop my own modeling agency or a fashion magazine. Also I am focusing more to showcase my work- so more exhibitions will come in the next five years for sure.


IG: @sandraphoto