Collectiv: Raw Emotions

It was a cold winter day.....cliche start right. Ha! I remember coming into the studio with my creative partner. We were there to record a total different project, than the final outcome. However, as I walked to the studio , I masked tears. Why was I crying....I had no idea. I had health and vision...what more could I ask for. We are unique beings. We are strong. We are resilient. We continue to fight. While in battle, we take our scars, heal, and never really look back. But that day my battle wounds came to light. Every scar from every buried pain. At the time I was dealing with a lot on my plate, aren't we all. My mom's health was declining, I ended and began several new relationships and I was venturing in unknown territory to chase my dreams. I felt vulnerable.

So when I walked into the studio, I scrapped the original project. I stripped down. My partner believed I was crazy, but he supported my vision. I said record. Just record me in all my naturalness, in all my rawness, with all my emotions. In many clips, tears seeped through my lids. This was real. This was my project: Raw Emotions. 


Raw Emotion 

And at one moment
the universe opened
and all of your raw emotions
poured out
your eyes bled your heart
your viens pumped tears of unsolved misery
is this real
what I feel
Souls that once synced
no longer exist
finger tips once gave our bodies bliss
but then the walls crashed down
and exposed the true world
and you were left

-Poem written by: Dane Browne

Creative direction by Dane Browne
Recorded and co-directed by Val Vincent
Edited by Dane Browne