Collectiv: Starr Oge


 Name :

Starr. In case you were wondering its short for Starlinas and was created by my mother after being inspired by one of her favorite childhood authors. Last name Oge, pronounced O-J with the Haitian/French accent and O-G in english. 

 Art or creative outlet :

 Founder of SCOGÉ. Everything that is me and will be me can be achieved through this brand. It’s my creative umbrella so to speak, but primarily Apparel, Category - undefined from my perspective.

I know that you are a dancer , what is your most memorable performance: 

That’s crazy, lol. Dance is becoming my hidden talent since I’m very careful now of what i’d like to be known for; and dance is so powerful especially if you’re any good that it can easily overshadow any other skills you posses in my opinion. But my most memorable performance was a music video by Laza Morgan that I was a part of for the movie Step-Up 3 . This was when my pursuit of a commercial dance career was in full swing, but the desire to develop SCOGÉ was much stronger.

Zodiac : 

LEO! I bounce between the intro/extroverted personality traits of a Leo.


What inspires you :

 Sensual Realizations. When two or more senses are activated on a higher level, I love that. So any experience that allows me to achieve this feeling. Whether it be a great movie, great music that blends perfectly with how i’m navigating through a scene, or dope conversation in a dope atmosphere. As soon as I realize how amazing a moment is - it instantly begins to inspire and influence whatever i’m working on at the moment. 

 One wish :

I wish to own a Mega-SkyScrapper. I’m talking about an entire building taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I say this because if I have that it would mean that just about every original SCOGÉ goal has been accomplished and me and my company will be pursing new goals beyond the scope of consumerism. 


Current client or project :

Currently we’re switching between our upcoming thank you event for all of the people who have helped us develop SCOGÉ, ‘FUSION’: a contemporary art exhibition in Ishikawa Japan and securing seed investment to operate at full capacity. All of these projects I’m happy to not even consider work. 


 Instagram: @Starr_Oge

 Brand IG: @SCOGE.

SCOGÉ site at

Dana Strickland