Creative Spotlight: Sandra Photography

Creative Spotlight: Sandra Photography
For today’s creative spotlight, we got to interview Alexandra Szebenyik.

Alexandra Szebenyik, Tatabanya-Hungary

DB: How old were you when you first started shooting photography
AS: I was 16 when I started photographing. First I photographed my friends, myself and realized that this is what I really love to do. I always wanted to work in the fashion industry, just needed to find my way there :)

DB:Is there a vast difference In shooting in America versus your home country
AS: YES. It is a big difference shooting in the USA vs. Hungary. People here are more fashion forward, more open. 90% of the time shooting here in the USA I’ve had very good experiences. In Hungary it’s much harder to get into the industry, since it’s very small and they are very strict and narrow minded about it.

DB: Who are some of your favorite photographers
AS: I really love and enjoy Tim Walkers work. He is such an inspirational character for me.

DB: What inspires your shooting technique
AS:The shooting technique could be different each time. Depending on the theme of the shoot. But I really love natural light and play with it, but I also love to create “mysterious” light techniques that makes think a lot about the image.

DB: Which magazine would you want to see your work in
AS:I would love to see my work in VOGUE and Vanity Fair. That is my big time dream.

DB: What is your favorite camera to shoot with
AS: I love Canon 7D and 5D, but I think the lenses are almost more important than the actual body. Also a Hasselblad camera is very phenomenal.

DB: How do you tackle fashion week shows and the chaotic schedule
AS: I love Fashion Week! Although people say how fake is the whole thing- which has some truth in it.. but there is a lot of magic happening there. I am always amazed by the models when they walk down the runway in those beautiful outfits. I do shoot during fashion week- mostly collaborations with brands and fashion bloggers. It is a very demanding time- and have to be very organized to make your schedule around the shows and be able to do some work as well.

DB: Do you prefer European editorials over American editorials
AS: Definitely European. I love all the locations (specially Paris and all the countries around it) and they are just so delicate.

DB: What established model would you dream of shooting
AS: There is a lot of models I would love to shoot. Coca Rocha one of my favorite- she can do like a million poses and she is never boring!

DB: Where do you see yourself in five years
AS: I would love to develop my own modeling agency or a fashion magazine. Also I am focusing more to showcase my work- so more exhibitions will come in the next five years for sure.


IG: @sandraphoto