Creative Spotlight: Giavanna Edwards


Giavanna Edwards, Jumpman 23, Queens

DB: When did you realize you want to be a model?
GE:  I realized my love for modeling at the age of 14.

DB: Name three top models you loved from the 90s
GE:I will always love Tyra Banks! She inspired me to get into modeling when I discovered her show, the second season of ANTM to be exact. Of course Ebony and Ivory, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

DB: What do you think of modern day reality/pop stars turned models. Is it fair to the current models who have been in the industry for years?
GE: I think modeling is definitely changing. It's more about the "name" than talent. I don't think it's fair, that's why it's always great to branch out and learn more than one trade so when things change like days, your money will never fade. Ace of All Trades.

DB: If you could walk for one designer who would it be?
GE: This question is truly hard for me. I honestly love EVERY designer out there doing their thing and believing in themselves but I will love to walk for a designer that's not noticed in the media and bring their clothes to LIFE!

DB: What would you like to see more of in the fashion industry?
GE:Of course Diversity and Love!

DB: Do you prefer filming or shooting as a model
GE:Film me please!

DB:  If you could do one store campaign for one of the following , who would it be : guess, hm, Zara?
GE: H&M because I love their hustle.

DB: How do you describe your personal style?
GE: A style that can't be described -By GIA

Dana Strickland