Collectiv Lifestyle: How to stick to your New Year resolutions



New year resolutions are hard. It doesn't help that its become a norm to doubt people when they state this saying. Sadly, many people want to change things for the new year....but never really accomplish the goal. 

Don't feel foolish for wanting a change. Of course , you should get to a place where you can make change in any point of time in your life. However , the New Year gives motivation. It's a clean slate. A new year. 

So why is it so hard to stick to your resolutions? 

One of the main reasons is because we put too much pressure. We also don't understand the concept of growth. Change doesn't happen overnight. Its a journey , not a destination. Its something you work towards. Its something you constantly work on. 

The main key to success is focus. How bad do you really want to change your life. Aren't you tired of the same cycles. Sometimes you just have to jump head in and say : I want change now!

Nothing in your life will change , until you do. 

Be patient...its not an overnight process.

Here are some ways to finally make your resolutions a reality:

1) Change your circle: This is the main source of your failure. A well know secret to success is your support team. When you have naysayers, skepticism, and negative energy around you, it can be daunting. Its important to be around optimistic people when you are aiming to change. Its time to change your circle. Believe it or not, they are holding you back. You would be surprised how words of encouragement can drive you.

2) Get organized: Write out the goals. Not a list of 25....just three simple goals you want to achieve in January. This is a start and can be very motivating. Once you accomplish these three goals , it will motivate you and let you see you can achieve. Write and plan! 

3) Focus: Stay focused. NO! I really mean stay focused. You have to constantly remind yourself of the goal. You have to stop, and in the moment , tell yourself you are going off path. After a few weeks of this , you will slowly start to develop a natural sense of vision and focus. 

4) Set realistic goals: Don't set a goal so drastic and unattainable. This will set yourself up for failure. Start small. Little steps that lead to the ultimate goal. If you want to pay off your debt: Create a monthly plan and give yourself a set amount of months to pay it off. You can't create goals and expect them to happen overnight. It takes hard work, patience and time. 

5) The Bandaid Effect: It will never be the right time. So just do it. Rip it off like a bandaid and get it over with. Too much planning and waiting will result to it being on the back of your priorities. Make it your main priority and make it happen. Immediately. Stop making excuses and reasons you can't do it and just do it! 

You are the captain of your destiny. Tell yourself this everyday. NO ONE will be in control of your outcome. What you want you attract with your thoughts and decisions. So decide today to take the wheel of your life and ride it until the wheels fall off. You only get one life, tomorrow isn't live life presently! 


Happy New Year from the Collectiv!

Dana Strickland