P.S.13 Collectiv Book Club

This weeks reads

Book: Down these mean streets

Notes: Piri Thomas touches on the subject of what it was to be an Afro Latino During his era. Although his heritage was boricua, his African roots poured through his appearance.  This was a constant battle in his community. Thomas deals with poverty, homosexuality, drug use and racism all while growing up in Washington heights during the Great Depression era.  I read this book as a teen and reread it recently this year.  It is captivating.   


Book: God help the child

Notes: Her skin is alluring. Dark and beautiful. A twist to the common theme of colorism , African American people tend to face. While touching on many deep subjects such as self acceptance and love. This book takes you to a place. As I read it , I couldn't put it down. I finished it in two days. 


Book: Basquiat widow

Notes: Basquiat was a defining artist of the 80s. Although short lived, his life was very complexed. This book goes into the streets of soho and the art scene. Touching on decade defining events , such as police brutality , child abduction and avid drug use of the 80s. We take a step into the chaotic artist mind through his girlfriend of the time. Their relationship: an emotional roller coaster. Destructive yet addictive.  This book was an eye opener to the life and times of basquiat.  

Dana Strickland