Collectiv Balance: How to cleanse chakras

The ideas of chakras , are derived from buddhism and spirituality. In essense if your chakras are balance than you feel whole. When your chakras are out of balance you feel off. What are the chakras?

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,  Third eye ,Crown. They are all interconnected. They cover things such as being grounded, love, communication, clarity and more. Whether you believe in this our has proved the presence of energy and dark matter. All of this brings your frequencies into play. When your off balance , trust that it is one of your chakras blocked. We will cover more about chakras throughout the year. 

With the new year, you want a fresh start. A clear conscious and balanced mind. Here are some ways to cleanse your chakras:

1. Social Media break

2. Personal time

3. Treat yourself

4. Yoga 

5. Write

6. Meditate

7. Make a smoothie

8. Listen to your fav song

9. Sage


-Dane Browne 

Dana Strickland