Collectiv Tips: 4 Tips for Success by Calvin Walker

1. Failure is one of the greatest tools for growth. There came a point when I finally began looking at my setbacks as roadmaps to success. Learn how to maneuver around what held you back so you continue to rise. 

2. If you don’t see it, create it. It was because of my blog that I was able to help secure good paying jobs in the fashion, music and TV business.

3. "Nobody truly interesting is universally liked.” Trying to please everyone is a waste of time. Stay true to yourself because doing so will help attract the right energy and people.

4. During your career, you have to play the game but never play yourself in the process. Remember that when it comes to business, you are always your #1 priority.


Name: Calvin Walker

Occupation: Sr. Manager, Digital + Social Media at Calvin Klein

IG/Website: @mrcalvinwalker /

Dana Strickland