Collectiv Tips: 4 Tips for Success by Jewel Cornelius

P.S. 13 Collectiv wants to keep you inspired and continue to help you excel. Dane Browne recently chatted with power woman and attorney , Jewel Cornelius.  Jewel is the essence of a power woman. A brilliant mind and a kind soul. Below she gives us great tips on maintaining success and happiness! 


4 tips that drive success:


1. Ignore naysayers or use that energy to motivate you every time you want to procrastinate or feel like going to bed instead of completing that task

2. Find a healthy balance in life, in other words, success is important and so is your happiness. The two are not necessarily one in the same.

3. Find cheerleaders. Your tribe of cheerleaders are going to get you through those days and weeks or even months of despair and self-doubt.

4. Push and push past your last push. Your mind and body are way stronger than you think. Set a goal and achieve that goal. Then set another goal, a bigger one, and go for it. Success is not a destination, it is a never ending pathway.


4 tips that drive happiness:

1. Planning makes me happy. Organization allays anxiety and in turn makes me happy. Planning is wonderful but be cautious of becoming too rigid and married to your plans. Setbacks happen, so embrace them and make modifications as life throws you curve balls.

2. Travel when you can and if you can't, read. I think a healthy escape from your world or what you deem normal is essential to personal growth and self-actualization. Think about it, how can you grow if your life is routine? How can your mind expand if you don't alter your norms through travel/reading?

3. Live with less guilt. Move on from your past mistakes/decisions. Spend less time thinking about the "what ifs"/ "I shouldas"/ "sorry I can'ts" Forgive yourself for your errors and get comfortable with saying no.

4. Work on becoming more emotionally honest. Becoming emotionally honest will strengthen your relationships with others and most importantly yourself. Emotional honesty will complete so many areas in your life which will lead to happiness.


Name: Jewel Cornelius

Occupation: Attorney

IG: Jewelnea


Dana Strickland