GUT CHECK by Mary Bunn


May I be honest with you? I have no idea what it is that I’m doing. I am 32 years young and am continuously learning. Learning to dream, learning to identify my passions, set goals and take action. (Wait. Did I just figure it out?)What has been constant in my life is the trust I place on my intuitions. My decisions are made based on that feeling I believe we all get in the pit of our stomach. In essence my gut is my indicator towards happiness.

I was surprised and honored to be asked by Ms. Dane Browne to be a contributor to this exciting new creative movement known as the P.S. 13 Collectiv. My gut  fluttered with excitement yet an inkling of fear crept in and soon WWIII began. Isn’t it funny how much pressure we put on ourselves? I wasn’t being asked to find the cure to Zika! (Which actually is a concern of mine because I am pregnant.)In that moment I allowed my fears of not being enough to take over.

Although I must admit that I thrive on that pressure. I enjoy reaching the boiling point and releasing myself from this angst by saying “Calm the f@#k down Mary”. I do a gut check and come to the determination that it’s ok to do things for fun! Ultimately it will guide me to happiness. I think Wes Moore spoke my exact feelings...I recently saw him being interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. Yes. Oprah is God. He said: "I'd rather flirt with failure than never dance with my joy."


-Mary Bunn

Senior Editor

Dana Strickland