Collectiv Balance: Create a list of daily affirmations

Last year, I wrote a list of daily affirmations and goals. At the end of the year , I opened the jar to see how many of the goals I kept. It was amazing. I accomplished 12 out of 14.

This year , I urge you to do the same. Keep the jar close. So whenever you are feeling down, you can open the jar and see your daily affirmations and quotes of positivity.

Create realistic affirmations that can instantly shoot positivity through your system. What is it that makes you feel sad, happy, positive, ambitious? What do you want to achieve this year? Love, money, personal growth? Write it down!

Here are some daily affirmations you can create or inspire you:

1. I choose happiness

2. This too shall pass

3. This is not life , its apart of life and is meant to make me stronger

4. I choose love

5. I am blessed to be alive

6. It could be worst, I am blessed beyond means

7. I need to take risk

8. I am not afraid

9. I am letting go of anger and hate

10. My most complex obstacle to overcome is my own self doubt

11. I can't control others actions, but I can control my reaction

12. I attract all things in my life , with my own thoughts

13. I will live in the now and not the past

14. Patience is a virtue. Success does not happen over night

15. Be selfish. Love thy self and give self care.

Happy affirming! Stay positive , stay focused!


Dane Browne




Dana Strickland