Collectiv Balance: Let go of self doubt

Some mornings we wake up assured of ourselves ready to conquer the world.....

and then..

some mornings we wake up feeling like we failed somehow. Do not fret, these are the normal motions of climbing the success ladder. You are not alone, trust! Millions of people deal with this emotional roller coaster everyday. 

Although it is normal...we have to let go of self doubt. We are all becoming more in tune with the universe. We now know exactly how a positive attitude can attract successful outcomes. Its not what you face, its how you handle it. 

Self doubt is a sneaky son of a gun. It creeps up slowly. Sometimes we don't even notice it. 

Have you ever said "I'm know myself, I am just not good at this or that...or I am just tired of failing." These are all epithets of self doubt. 

We have attracted every single thing in our lives with our thoughts. Self doubt is a dangerous emotion and we have to debase its evil intentions. 

So many motivational speakers teach us that we have to believe it to achieve it. Well thats easy....right? Okay, so we believe it and we know we are going to achieve it...but what about those mornings that we are plagued with self doubt?

While walking and talking to myself, as usually, I struck a chord. How can I state my destiny, if I continue to allow self doubt in. 

In the in-between-steps to success, there are a lot of highs and lows. A LOT! When you're low, you are lowwww. So here is where the death of self doubt is going to come in.

We need to accept our destiny, our future success and in doing so, we have to kill self doubt instantaneously. We have to remind ourselves, that these low moments or in-between moments, are all apart of the steps to success and that's fine. You know why its fine?...because you know your destiny and you are 100% sure that nothing will stop you.

Tell yourself this , every single time , self doubt tries to creep in. 

"Yes, I am going through this hard ship...but it is okay, because my destiny has already been this too shall pass."-Daily Mantra

You can't possibly be confident and secure with yourself and at the same time allow self doubt to win. 

Stay strong. Stay focused. In moments of weakness, remember this daily mantra. 



Dane Browne

Dana Strickland