So on this site we are very spiritual and believe in balance of energies and life. Each week we will focus on balancing a chakra. 

Do you ever feel like something is just off in your life, why does bad things keep happening to me? We all go through up and downs. But as crazy as it sounds, we can be in control of our lives and happiness. Believe it or not , ever since my journey into buddhism and my recent trip to India, I have woken up happy and grateful every single day. 

So here is where chakras come in to play. We can't control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react. How we react will dictate what else will come our way. Negative energy attracts more negative energy. 

So take a deep breathe, exhale. 

Our energy and spirit are made up of seven chakras. Each chakra connects our being to the universe and our spirit. Each week on our site, we will speak on a different chakra and how to balance them. 

This week our chakra of focus is the root chakra (Muladhara). The root chakra is our first chakra. Located at the tip of our spine. It is our survival center. You must always keep your root chakra grounded to keep all your chakras aligned. This chakra is where your confidence comes from. This chakra creates stability in your life. If you have imbalance in this chakra, you will experience anxiety, anger, and/or fear. 


So here are some ways to balance this chakra:

1. Step away from the world for a minute. Go into a private place and take a deep breathe.

2. Learn to meditate. Repeat a mantra or hymn. 

3. Silence. Give yourself time to think deeply and focus your mind on the root of your suffering. Now release. 

It is all a learning experience, and we are here to help you while we are on the same journey of enlightenment and balance. 



Dane Browne 





Dana Strickland