Collectiv Book Club: This month's reading list

We here at The Collectiv are avid readers! This month we have compiled a list of books that we read, loved and suggest you snag! 


Book: The Little Black Book of Success

Take a way: An amazing read that breaks the glass ceiling of being a double minority. The laws of leadership mixed with "mamaism's" (lessons we learned from mama), is a perfect boost of confidence. Fierce, empowering, and direct; it touches on all of the issues women face as leaders in the work place. 

Notes of inspiration: 

-Observes who wins, who loses and why

-If you don't create your own brand, others will. 

-The culture of a company will not change, you have to decide if you want to be apart of the culture

-Create a success team: 1. A cheerleader, 2. A person of guidance, 3. Someone who listens to you while you vent 3. A person who shares insight of your career



Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Take a way: This book was amazing! A lot of times we believe we are so good with people, then you look around and notice a lot of those relationships are not as authentic as you thought. Lets face it , to be successful, you have to know how to work the room. This book teaches you how to be socially aware, open minded and understand people. After reading this, you will be able to speak to anyone, of any caliber. 

Notes of inspiration:

-When you swim against the wave, you get more resistance. Learn to go with the flow.

-When you criticize, condemn or judge a person, they will never be receptive. This will ultimately lead to a disagreement or resistance. 

-People want to be heard



Book: The Misfit Economy

Take a way: Do you feel out of place? Are you a non-conventional entrepreneur? This book is for all the misfits. Literally. Who said we had to all follow the same recipe for success? Stories of success vary from all walks of the earth. This book inspires you , no matter what your financial situation is. 

Notes of inspiration: From criminals to pirates, find any story you can relate to or be inspired by in this book. 



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Dana Strickland