Today I walked 20 blocks aimlessly.

Today I walked 20 blocks aimlessly


I had one goal in mind. Exhale. I wasn't stressed when I started the blocks. I wasn't tense. I just decided it needed to be done. I started my walk in a linear route. I walked at a glacial pace. I cleared my mind. 


When I was a child, I daydreamed. No , like daydreamed unbearably. Daydreamed so bad , that my mom got me a counselor at 7. They felt I couldn't distinguish reality and daydreams. An overactive imagination , they said. 


It's funny, as an adult, that feeling I get when I meditate is the same feeling I felt as a child daydreaming. That blank feeling. A feeling of nirvana. Escape. Going to a place unknown. Blank matter. 


Nostalgic. I felt a reminiscent feeling as I walked  those  20 blocks. Suddenly I was taken back to that seven year old 's overactive imagination. Wow. She actually was pretty innovative. Yet the world tried to suppress those thoughts. In that one moment today, I let those thoughts overflow. I felt high. Like marijuana high. An outer body experience. Aimlessly walking and meditation at the same dam time. Not a thought or care in the world. 


I exhaled

Dana Strickland