Collectiv Book Club: This month's reads

Book: Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni 

Notes: As a child I always loved to write poems about love. Nikki Giovanni was always one of my favorite poets. She doesn't let you down with this work of art. She tells love stories from all points of views. This book is great for a night cuddle in bed with wine. Each night I read a poem or two for inspiration. She keeps old school love alive. 

Book: Buddhism for Beginners by Thubten Chodron

Notes: This book is a very easy read. It is a great start for someone who may want to convert or just study the basics of Buddhism. It takes you through the idealism, chakras, energies and covers the basics of the Three Jewels of Buddhism. I recommend you read it, even if you are not Buddhist. It helps you to understand our purpose and our responsibility to mankind. 

Dana Strickland