Steps to self love

Do you love  yourself?

No, honestly?

Do you:

1. Put your happiness first 

2. Think about your future 

3. Balance your life

4. Stop to have a moment to yourself

Do you? Probably not. The first step to self love is 


It is time to be honest with yourself. Honesty is something that stops our fullest potential. We aren't honest enough with ourselves. A lot of times lying to ourselves , stabilizes our growth. We hide in a place of comfortability, because its easy. It is easier to hide in the shadows, than take a risk into the sunlight. We are so afraid of getting burned. But what if you didn't get burned , what if the sun turned out to bring out a more radiant version of you. It is a risk we have to take.

So step 1, look into the mirror and ask yourself: "What makes me happy?" Honestly. Make a list of the things in your life that are making you unhappy. Is it a boyfriend who has infidelities? Is it family drama? Is it work, do you hate your job? Now here comes the tough part, change.


Its time for a change. Effective immediately. No longer can you allow negativity in your life. Sometimes we don't even realize what is presently having a negative impact in our lives. Take a long look at the past few years. What problems have been consistent. Those are priority for change. If it means changing your phone number, deleting your Facebook, by any means. Your mental health is priority. I mean it! If you are not happy internally , you will not accomplish happiness and your goals externally. No matter what. Negative friends who relish in drama, family who take advantage, jobs that aren't helping you grow, boyfriends who don't appreciate you.......cut itttttttttt


Cut it...."its not that don't understand"....  Oh no but I do. We are equally on the same journey. Negativity is a devil that continues to knock , so everyday you have to have a game plan to extricate it. Its hard.  Create a goal sheet, take it one step at a time. Let this be your daily motivation. 


Put yourself first. No seriously. Take some time out for yourself. It can be a manicure, walk in the park, facial or even just reading a book. You need that mental vacation. You owe it to yourself , that personal time. Pamper yourself in any small way. 


Meditate. Yoga. Work out. Take a deep breathe in and exhale. Do not allow life's curve balls to dictate your mental stability. Step back and re-evaluate. 



Laugh loud. Laugh hard. Laugh at every little thing. Bring back that inner youth. You will live longer. 


Dane Browne


Dana Strickland