Protecting your magic

The importance of protecting your magic. 


Magic. We all carry it. It's our internal power. It's the spirit inside that makes you uniquely you. As children our magic soars. We are truly free. Free: creatively, mentally and most times emotionally. It's the magic that gives us infinite optimism in life.  


As we leave our mother's bosom and enter this majestic world , we face reality. Reality is a cold bitch. It strips you of your optimism. Reality will sneakily steal your magic. One day you will wake up and realize that all your magic has been drained and replaced with a redundant adulthood. A pessimistic adulthood. An adulthood pained with trials and tribulation. What happened to the fun times, you'll question yourself. The times when you were free. Happy. Secure. 


A misconception of magic, is that it only lives within the child. Once we move pass adolescence we believe our magic does too. 


So here's what I am here to tell you : protect your magic. Harvest your magic. For your magic is so powerful. It's the light that fires your soul. 


Once you allow your magic to die your spirit will slowly follow. Magic will be replace with darkness. Followed by depression and finally stagnancy. 


So how do you protect your magic, you ask? It's all about how we view life and what we allow to take place in our life. Do not allow dark energy into your field. We are all simple forms of matter and energy. We all vibrate off different energies. When you allow darkness or negative energies into your force field , it will plague you. Drain you. Steal your magic. 


So what are forms of negativity? It's thoughts, people and more. Life is all about how we decide to view it. So live resilient and optimistic. Look at the bright side. As cheesy as this sounds , it's true. Know that everything happens for a reason. You cannot change the timeline of events that the universe will throw at you, but you can control how you react to it. 


Next , delete negative people. People who relish in drama. People who love gossip. People who have more negative to say than positive. What does this person bring to your life. Is it a positive outcome.  If not , cut it. They are doing more harm than you realize. They are slowly bringing you into their negative force field. 

Attract what you aim to be and have in life with your way of thinking. Law of attraction. 


Now, how to keep your magic alive? 

-Do the small little things that make you happy. 

-Be cognitive of what you filter through your mind, from music to television. 


-Change your environment.

-Invest into yourself.

-Take risk.

-Stop and watch the sun rise.

- What did you like to do most as a child. Was it drawing , writing, music. Engulf in it. Give yourself a moment a day to relish in this small amount of happiness. Non-negotiable.

You will start to see changes. Trust me. 


You have one life to live. Live it happily. Live it with magic and optimism. Live creatively , always protecting your magic. 



Dana Strickland