Collectiv Balance: Time to get organized!

Its time to start the year off right. 

F**k last year. Its over. Lessons learned, growth experienced. Your sole focus in the new year. 2017! 

Its time to get organized: Mentally, Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually. 

Its going to be a kick a$$ year! Say it with me. Repeat it over and over again! Manifest it. Believe it and achieve it.

All of this sounds cheesy....but believe me you are your thoughts. How you perceive life is what you attract. So, as Denzel said in "Fences"...."ya gotta take the crooks with the straights".

Stop playing victim and feeling sorry for yourself. Life is not that bad. Trust me, it can be worst. We all have to deal with things, but its time to:

1. Get resilient: Shake it the f**k off. This is life. Its not easy. But it can be a lot easier , if you learn to accept the good with the bad. Its all about our reactions, as Buddha says. How you react , dictates your life outcomes. Don't let adversity get you down. Actually be solution oriented. Every time you face a problem, think how can you overcome it. Repeat to yourself :"This too shall past." This is not life, its apart of life.

2. Gratitude: Find something to be happy about. Simply having oxygen in your lungs is a start. Start every morning with gratitude and your day will go smoother.

3. Get in control of your happiness: No one cares. They don't. So you have to. So get selfish and put your happiness first at all times. A happier version of yourself can be a better person to the people around you. You can't give, if you have nothing to give. So ask yourself "what makes me happy?" Go take a walk, treat yourself to a glass of wine. Be happy! 

4. Create four goals for the year: Start small. Start with action, not procrastination. Four goals that will immediate show impact. Even if its cleaning out your closet or going jogging. Once you accomplish these triumphs it will inspire bigger goals and achievements. 

5. GET ORGANIZED!: Get a planner, get a cork board...staple it to your head ! Either way have your goals clear and concise. Visual! They must be seen. Must be a reminder. 

Stay focused! Stay Positive! And blow 2017 out the water.

-Dane Browne 


Dana Strickland