How Buddhism Has Personally Helped Me

Buddhism is not a one stop trick. It is not an overnight destination. It is about the journey. There are so many people who believe in order to be a Buddhist, it incurs all of these different requirements. 

The journey of a Buddhist is within. So at times, the outside eye may not understand nor know your personal journey with Buddhism

Honestly what I have learned from encountering Buddhist from all over the world is, Buddhism is a large field of energy. You use the energy as a source for what works for you. I have met Buddhist in London, India and The USA....all have different journey's. 

  Goa, India

Goa, India


Some people practice meditation, yoga and small forms of Buddhism. 

Some people chant.

For me, I needed clarity

I needed to calm down. Detach from the 9-5 job and vicious cycle of city life. 

I needed to understand that my purpose was more than just a cycle. 

Rewind to 2014, I was chaotic, selfish at times, worrisome and overworking my body.

Once I quit my salary job, my journey began.

  North Carolina

North Carolina

In the last two years I have made so much traction. There are still things I am working on like attachment, reactions and keeping balance. For the most part I have made so much traction. I have solidified my being, so no matter what, I will be able to find my way back to the center. Even when I get off path a little, I can find my way back. 


The beautiful thing about Gautama Buddha, was that he understood that we had to face realistic things in life like work, love , unforeseen events. So he has guided us with principle on how to work through those emotions and how to control your reactions. 

I know now more about myself, my feelings, and how I affect the people around me. 

I know what matters and what doesn't. And yes some times I lose sight , but meditation and mental breaks help me to get back. 

  Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I also learned that people do not understand Buddhism or spirituality, are skeptical, and they have a negative outlook, should not be apart of your spiritual journey.

Its been a journey. I have learned a lot and l look forward to my continued journey of enlightenment.   

  Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

xoxo , Dane 

Dana Strickland