Collectiv Balance: The importance of mental breaks


There I said it. You need to woosah. Take a deep breathe in, now exhale. We become so consumed with our day to day lives, that we often forget to wooosaahhhh. 

We have 24 hours in a day and like most Americans, we make the use of those 24 hours. We crunch every second, making sure to be super productive. The other day, my roommate came in the living room and said " You are the most multi-tasking person that I know". While he makes this statement, my iPad is playing "The office", I have two books in front of me, Im on the computer doing homework in one tab and working on my website in the other tab....oh wait.... and I'm cooking dinner. 

Sometimes , we don't even understand the word "mental break". I don't even think that we understand mental health as a country overall. From birth, we are taught resilience , we are taught to keep going, you'll sleep when you die. 

You have to take a mental break. 

If this means logging off the computer, deleting social media for a week, not answering the it! 

Sometimes our lives are so hectic, there really isn't time for a mental break......sounds like an excuse to me. 

The five minutes you spend on social media adds up to almost five hours a week. That is ample enough time to take a mental break. 

Take some time for yourself. Here are some ways you can give your mind a massage :

1. Delete social media 

2. Take a warm bath in complete silence. 

3. Control your thoughts : No negative tell negative thoughts

4. Grab a drink with a friend and decompress

5. Make a vision board to re-inspire and refocus

6. Go downtown and get a $10 massage (skip coffee today, invest into this pleasure instead)

7. Alone time: go to the movies alone or take a walk

8. Stop what you're doing and stretch...right now


All of these are ways to take a quick mental escape to re-balance ourselves. I recently took a week off from my website, social media and fortunately had off from school. I feel much better, more inspired and relaxed.  Our minds are fragile and we must take care of it the same way we do our external. When you feel too pressured, stressed or overwhelm....take a mental break. 



Dana Strickland