Dare to dream

We continue to express the importance of protecting your magic. What did you want to be when you were a child? What were your wildest dreams? Your deepest desires?

I grew up in a time , sans technology, where we had imagination. We had to be home before dark. You were lucky if you were able to go out on a school night. That left ample time to come up with games and dig into our imagination, in the confinement of our homes.

When I was seven years old I won a poetry contest, that same year I had my art placed in the local YMCA art show. I would go on to be in talent shows, chorus and dance teams. I started writing short stories.  I was controlling, bossy and passionate. I developed a knack to work hard at things, at a very young age. In high school I would compete in a city wide poetry contest, become school president and sing at my graduation. 

At home , I ran an imaginary talk show, was a ceo of an imaginary restaurant called "Furby Burger", and played a zoo keeper. 

At a young age , I began to dream. As I got older those dreams would turn into a desire, which birth goals and ultimately made my drive even more ambitious. 

The funny thing about dreams, are that they show you the end goal and never the steps in between.  So as we get older we must hold tight to those dreams, hold tight to that youthful desire and hunger. Don't let go. Let it serve as inspiration, every single time you feel like giving up.

Never ever stop ....dreaming. For dreams turn into ideas and birth visionaries. 



Dane Browne


Dana Strickland