This weeks chakra: Svadhisthana aka Sacral chakra

Chakra of the week: Sacral chakra aka Svadhisthana


The sacral chakra is our second chakra. It is located in the pelvic area. It is our center of emotion, sensuality, pleasure and connection. It is our emotional stability

Are you having trouble communicating, feeling tense, you need to release. 

We have to stay connected with our bodies. Listen to the message our bodies are yelling out. 

Here are ways to balance your sacral chakra:


1. Touch. Feel. Release. 

2. Hip exercises. 

3. Sweat. 

4. Get creative: Write. Sing. Dance. 

5. Take care of your sexual needs.

6. Explore vulnerabilities.


Would you believe our sexuality is the center of our creativity. So release. Respect and love your body. Allow it to feel. Allow it to experience. Touch. Feel. Imagine. Allow. Exhale



Dane Browne

Dana Strickland