Collectiv Balance: Everyone who starts with you won't finish

The art of letting go. 


Evolution is a natural process. If you aren't constantly growing....theres a problem. Actually , look around you. How many faces are familiar and how many have changed. 

There's an old age saying: the person you are, changes every 5 years. Case in point, the person you are at 15 and 20 are two different people. So goes 25 and 30. You believe you have it all figured out. You also believe you will always keep it "real" and never change who you are. 

Reality check: you are going to evolve, whether you like it or not. 

As we climb the stairs to natural evolution, we will continue to lose people. Don't fret, the universe has a purpose. What is meant for you is given to you at the right time. Sometimes, certain people just aren't meant to be in the next chapter of our lives. One thing I've learned is to not fight what the universe is telling me. 

When you go against the waves you block your blessings. Keeping toxic people in your life can alter your happiness and overall destiny. 

As you get closer to your destiny, you will see exactly who is meant to be in your life. Who truly supports you and adds value to your life. 

We have a funny way of masking our problems. Serious denial. We make excuses for people. 

Your foundation is important. One weak link can throw your whole life off balance. 

Even the ones who seemed most solid in your life may even seem to fade. There are tons of reasons people grow apart. But the important word there is : GROWTH.

As we began to grow, our personalities change, what we want changes and who we are changes. Some people grow at different rates. Thats ok. 

So here is the truth: Everyone who starts with you, may not finish with you.

Its ok. No harm done, no bad wishes. Keep it pumping. (My fav saying.)

It's not you, its not them. Its the universe. Listen to what it is telling you. 

Dana Strickland