Collectiv Balance: Why we have to stop investing into the wrong people

Life is short, simply put. It really is. Our youthful years are even shorter. One day life will move at full speed and you will have to decide between play dates, work schedules and homely duties. Time is of an essence. We all understand the concept of time, yet we don't invest it wisely. We are all on unique journeys with goals and destinies. 

Everyone has something that they are trying to achieve. Marriage, grad school, 9-5....we all are busy...ESPECIALLY if you live in a metropolitan area. 

So when it comes to time, we multitask, invest and count every second. Your time is an investment into your life savings account. Every second you invest will yield a return or loss. We are about accumulatng assets here at P.S. 13. 

Do the people in your life add value or deplete resources?

Take a long look at the relationships around many do you benefit from?

If they add to your life, they are worth your continued investment.

If they drain you...time to cut them off.

Confused about if they are worth your time....

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Is it a constant chase to be involved with them?

2) Is it like pulling teeth to set up time with them?

3) Do they constantly cancel or flake?

4) Are they negative or constantly complaining about life?

5) Do they lie to you?

6) Are they supportive ?

7) Do they give equally to the relationship?

8) Do they make you smile or cry?

These are just a few questions to ponder upon. Its time we start loving ourselves enough to value our own time and the people we invest into. Our lives are so short. We cannot continue to make excuses for things or people that don't add value to our life. You will miss out on so many amazing moments, opportunities and more by wasting time on the wrong people. 

My most valuable lesson in life: "When people show you who they are , believe them."



Dane Browne


Dana Strickland