Dear Jeans by Mary Bunn

A Love Letter to…Jeans


Dear Jeans,

I miss you. A lot. Badly even. I’ve been wearing spandex going on 3 years now due to child birth and child rearing and although I appreciate what spandex affords me it simply can not compare to you. The withdrawal period is hitting me now and I’m finding myself daydreaming about you. Sure there are maternity jeans. However, having a lycra band hug my stomach or allow for stretch on my hips doesn’t seem to be the same. I miss your ability to be rough yet feminine. I miss the opportunity you give me to be edgy and modernize classics. I miss us.


I promise I am not ignoring you and actually think of you quite a bit. I reminisce the days I would wear my black shredded Levis jeans to everything. From doing the laundry to barhopping or on a date with my boo. You were always so reliable, always ready to be there for every event. Thank you.


Nevertheless I look forward to rekindling our relationship. Being two kids in has mandated me to give away all of my jeans.  My body is now demanding more space in my hips (I wish I could say my ass because I was hoping for more of that after these kids). Therefore I’m excited at the prospect of wearing a body suit and high waisted skinny jeans. At enjoying sporting a tucked in oxford shirt, boyfriend jeans and heels…with a pocket square of course. At the thought of wearing perfectly tailored flared jeans that skim the floor. (Yes, flare jeans to me are classics). Our possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to have you hug up on me again.


Forever yours,

Mary Bunn

Dana Strickland