Collectiv Style Tips: How to look luxury at all times

At the tender age of 15, I took my first trip to Soho. The fashion the time..

I was in awe. Every girl looked fabulous from head to toe. Every person looked important. Image was everything and I learned that on my first trip. By 16, I started to travel and work in the city. I began to learn how important image was and how you can acquire power through it. Also, I learned how you can break boundaries like race and more. Something as simple as presentation could change your life. So for the next five years I watched. I learned. I studied the way they walked, talked and carried themselves. Power woman. Who I wanted to be. 

I paid attention to the style equations. Eventually I started to work in the fashion industry and learn in depth style vs fashion vs trends.

One thing I learned was style was the most important of the three. It was personal. It was the only thing that would stand the test of the ever changing fashion industry.

Ten years later, I can't go a day without a compliment or comment on my look. One girl stated " You always look put together, ALWAYS."

Although , I remain humble. I know my style was natural and I developed it as I grew. Along the style journey here are some tips I gathered. They are simple equations that can make you always look on point. (Even on your worst day!) 

1. Always focus on these three things: BAG, SHOES , OUTERWEAR! Don't ever be cheap in this field. If you have to shop on the lower end, go to stores like Zara, Theory, Bloomingdales. Or wait until your favorite store is having a huge sale and rack up. These items can be spotted a mile away and so can their cheapness. Stores like Zara do a good job at producing similar styles to the runway. 


2. Tailored: This is major key! Clothes must be tailored to fit your body. Not tight but tailored. This will always define cheap vs expensive. Its not about price. Once again you can find a diamond in any store , if you know what to look for. So always remember structure and tailoring.

3. Black: Black will always be the new black. This is so New York of me. But when all fails go black. Its sleek, expensive and can be elevated in many ways. A little black dress, leather leggings, black blazer...all of this pieces add instant lux

4. Layers: Pay attention to lines. This is so important. Recently dusters, long jackets and more have become a trend. While its new to the everyday consumer, its been around for a minute in the industry. Proportion is everything. Adding length, dramatizes any look automatically. It can take you from overtly sexy to polished. 

5. Streetwalker: Stay away from street walker looks. Although this generation is obsessed with Kim k and Kylie. They aren't real style icons. They put together basic combinations that ooze sex. While its still is a look, its not high fashion and doesn't scream lux. So a body-con dress and thigh high boots during noon is not a day look nor fashion forward thinking. 

6. Hair and Makeup: Stay groomed. Take care of your skin , hair and nails...naturally. Don't overkill on makeup and weave. If you have bad skin...focus on the root cause. You may need to change your diet or drink more water. A natural glow adds a wealth look to you. If you go the makeup route , always stay clean and concise. A full "beat" is unprofessional for the day time and looks horrible when not on the "gram". It's spotted a mile away and attracts the wrong type of attention. The pic above is a perfect balance. Heavy eye shadows and super dark lips are for the evening. 


Start to build your wardrobe based on some of these tips and you will automatically start to see a change in your appearance. But remember mind, body and soul are top priority! 




*****These are just a few tips. They are based on my personal regime and some of the top it girls I've happen to work and associate with. ***

xoxo, Dane

Dana Strickland