Trend crack by Mary Bunn



I’m not much of a trendy person. When it comes to style I stick to basics and monochromatic color schemes. Basically, I’m always in black. Black on black. All black everything. It’s what I call my uniform. It’s necessary in order to look chic yet function during a busy day. Not all of us have time to beat our face to death. But I can wear a variation of the same thing everyday with touches of my personality.

Let’s explore this concept of a style uniform. U-ni-form: adjectivenot changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and all times. Personally it has taken me a long time to figure out my own. And I believe I have found it because I’m comfortable in everything I wear. I feel like the shit when I walk out of my home. It’s as if I have finally figured out the formula to my fashion happiness. At some point we all find what works for ourselves and it literally always works out! Here are some examples of some successful style uniforms:

1. Kim Kardashian. Yes, think of her whatever you’d like. But that lady looks like a 10 every single day. She wears the formula that compliments her body and brand. 


2. Janelle Monae: She has been very vocal about the meaning behind her style uniform. Between honoring the hard work of the working class and artistically expressing herself she has found the balance and consistency that makes us all enjoy her classically funky style.


3.   Leandra Medine. (My personal favorite) Has mastered the style formula of no formula! Her eclectic style constantly inspires me…I only wish to be so bold with my fashion. In a sense, no formula is the formula to her style uniform. 


Despite me finally feeling comfortable and more importantly confident in my style; all these trends have me behaving like an addict needing a fix. RIGHT NOW! My current obsessions are chokers, sock shoes, layered slip dresses, velvet, brooches…oh Jesus please feel free to step in at anytime.

I too rejoined the choker movement. I say rejoined because I was here for the resurgence of the 90’s. I loved it then but I am infatuated with it this time around. So much so that I make them (check them out now on IG: @the_standrd …shameless plug). I find myself being inspired and constantly making a new kind to simply match with a layered slip dress and sneakers. By the way, who else here loves the mix of casual and formal?

Sock shoes are well…sock shoes. This lady right here does not wear heels higher than 3 inches (I’m not kidding). That means that I value comfort above all. With this new sock shoe movement comfort below my ankles combined with style has officially been elevated! 

Who else has had an aunt sell Avon? It was pure adrenaline watching my aunt hand my mom the current issue. Lucky for me my mother (whose fashion sense has always inspired me) adored jewelry sets of all kinds! She has an extensive Avon jewelry collection dating back from my childhood. Today I’m grateful to be a proud owner of various jeweled flower, Victorian inspired, statement brooches.   

With all these trends I find myself being more creative than ever with my wardrobe. I’m mixing and matching things differently and throwing on one of these trends. So here’s my fashion formula: basic and classic pieces are a staple then you add on trends. Trends constantly change so they are a variable. Today I’m pregnant so my staple is high waisted spandex.  Preferably the kind with stirrups. Spandex is KING! (I think for every girl). Add a basic crop long sleeve t-shirt, because I love to show off my belly, then insert today’s trends of sock shoes and a choker. (check out my picture for all who visually process thoughts). 

What trends are you obsessed with and which ones am I missing out on? Put me on! Tag me on IG @mary_bunn and hashtag #PutMBon. I can’t wait to check out your style uniforms!



Mary Bunn

Dana Strickland